Feature Suggestions

Improved Accessibility for Web Embeds

As you may be aware, the federal government has updated its requirements of accessibility, which especially affects any of our web content:


Basically, the new standard points to WCAG 2.0.

Before I go any further, I do want to say that I really appreciate this service. The feeds you provide are sleek and the management tool is easy-to-use.

Unfortunately, I have only had time to review the "Tall Photo" theme that only pulls Instagram posts, but I do have some items that would improve that particular theme's accessibility.

Keyboard Navigation

If you use a keyboard to attempt to navigate the feed, it's difficult to determine your current location. Once you are past the top, social-media icons, the current focus hits many hidden items.


  • Make the entire tile the only focusable element rather than each element within the tile.
  • Apply the same styles to focus that each tile has on hover. This would give a visual indication of keyboard-user's current location on the page.

Screen Reader Navigation

Using a screen reader, such as VoiceOver for OS X, to navigate this theme is a bit difficult. Currently, each post in the feed has five items the screen reader attempts to read to the user:

  • The icon in the top, right of the post to indicate which social-media platform the post originates from.
    • This currently does not have an accessible name and reads as an empty element.
  • The profile image of the poster (shown on hover)
    • Missing alternate text or an accessible name.
  • The link to the original poster
  • The post's text
  • The post's image
    • This currently doesn't have alternate text. Perhaps it could use aria-labelledby in tangent with the post's text.

I don't believe improving the navigation via screen reader is quite as simple of a task, but some of the ideas listed below each item above may be a good start. 


While abiding by this mandate is necessary for our team, it also leads to a more inclusive web that accommodates more individuals. If you have any questions or want any follow-up, just let me know. Thanks!

  • Jacob Venable
  • Jul 20 2017
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